About us

The Legato Story

Legato Coffee was founded in 2015 as a subsidiary of Mountain High Coffee Company. We saw a need in the marketplace for an alternative offering to the rapidly expanding Nespresso® market in the United States and Europe.
Customers were looking for a high quality yet affordable option for Nespresso® compatible capsules, as well as Coffee and Tea. These capsules are still not available anywhere else in the marketplace.
We are a family owned business that prides itself on well-priced, high quality items, as well as dedicated and focused customer service and marketing.
We work with our accounts closely to ensure they receive everything they need in order to successfully reach their customers with our product.
Legato Coffee, Masterly Roasted
Our Quality Story
We start with the highest quality beans, sourced from all over the world.
The beans are selected based on their size and quality, and are a delicate balance of Arabica and Robusta.
We have partnered with an Italian family of master roasters that have been in business for over 78 years.
Our quality rivals even the most sophisticated Nespresso® blends
Our capsule Certifications are: ISO 9001, BRC, and IFS
With Legato... Its Simple
We Offer a Variety of Great Tasting, Nespresso® Compatible Capsules
4 Espresso Blends:
• Fortissimo
• Intenso
• Gran Gusto
• Decaf Espresso
4 Coffee Blends:
• French Roast
• Hot Chocolate
• Hazelnut
• French Vanilla
2 Tea Blends:
• English Breakfast
• Green Tea
We Also Offer Single Serve Capsule Blends
Ideal for Hotel and Office Use
Packed in Cartons of 100 Capsules with Flap Opening to Be Used as a Dispenser
Strength 9. Intense and full bodied espresso with a bold flavor.
Strength 8. Strong and creamy espresso with an intense flavor.
Decaf Espresso
Strength 2. Light and rich de-caffeinated espresso.
English Breakfast Tea
Classic, full bodied black tea with a strong flavor.
French Roast Coffee
Fresh roasted ground coffee with a bold and rich flavor.